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Meet Our New Pig Willa, Pixel's Sister!

Meet Willa.

Willa was born to our mother pig Wilma this past October. Wilma was a bit overdue when she began labor. Our last piglet delivery went smooth, but this time things weren’t progressing as they should. Wilma was pushing for far too long. We called the veterinarian and he couldn’t get to us for a few hours so he told Dotty to go in and get the babies or Wilma’s life would be in danger. Reluctantly Dotty tried to physically remove the babies but was repeatedly unsuccessful.

After hours of trying to free the first baby who’s head was just too big to pass, we feared Wilma was going to pass. The entire staff at the farm was visibly upset and we had to close the farm for the rest of the day. After hours of trying to help Wilma, she finally birthed the first baby.

Then one after the other she delivered 8 more piglets. We thought the trouble was passed until the last piglet was born. The delay in birthing had stressed her too much and she was born lifeless and not breathing. After everything that had happened that day Dotty was determined not to give up on the little piglet yet. For 20 minutes Dotty tried to resuscitate her, and when she was almost ready to let her go the piglet took her first breath on her own.

It still took a while to get her where we knew she would live, but as always Dotty never gives up. Today we call her Willa because she had such a will to live.

Willa will stay and live her life at the farm with her mother. Willa is a very social pig and loves to hang out in our country store on the farm. Most days she will be the first to greet you as you enter the farm.

Willa will be greeting farm visitors Wednesday through Sunday 10-3 if you would like to come by and meet her in person.

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