Meet Our Dedicated Staff

Dorothy Thompson

Owner/Events Coordinator

Cynthia Ireland

Mobile Manager/Marketing

After running a painting company for 25 years Dotty decided to start Legacy Lane Farm so she and her husband could raise their children in a less chaotic atmosphere. She chooses to open her farm to the public so everyone can enjoy the pleasures of a small farm life. The smile on a child’s face when they see a newborn goat is priceless and is the reason she does this everyday! Dotty lives on the farm with her Husband and two sons.

Cindy is Dotty's sister and loves spending time on the farm with her daughter. She runs the mobile petting zoo and mobile visiting program.  Cindy lives in Newmarket with her husband and 8 year old daughter and loves spending time outdoors with her family.

Rene Tremblay

Barn Manager

Erin Smothers

Farm Camp Director

Rene is Dotty and Cindy's Uncle and Manages the Barn and Yard.  Rene Loves each and every one of the farm's many animals and enjoys his days spent working with them. Rene has a passion for music and is a talented guitar player. 

Erin fell in love with Legacy Lane Farm on her first visit.  He and her children love the days they spend at the farm and with the goats they have come to love.  Erin is in charge of the farm camp for kids. Erin loves sharing her knowledge of the farm and the goats with the kids.

Erin is a talented local photographer.  You can find her photography for sale at the Country Home Sore at Legacy Lane Farm.

Jordan Taylor

Yoga Instructor

Reiki Master + Yoga Teacher + Holistic Health Coach

Jordan has always had a passion for helping people. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, working with reiki energy for almost 4 years, and has been a crystal enthusiast since she was 5 years old. Jordan has a strong meditation practice and essential oil regimen. She believes the foundation for a balanced life lies in your relationship with yourself and other people, having a strong spiritual practice (this looks different for everyone), mindfully moving your body, and living out your true passion.

Jordan is a certified Reiki Master, registered yoga teacher 200 hour level, and a certified health coach. Jordan teaches Vinyasa style yoga but is especially enthusiastic about restorative yoga and reiki. She guides people in their goals to live a healthier life through her coaching, and believes every body is bio-individual and there's no one size fits all method to health and wellness.

When Jordan is not living wild in the wellness world, she can be found spending every free minute with her dog, Rudy.

Agnes Fuller

Store Manager

Agnes brings her own style to the home decor and handmade crafts she sells in the store.  Each piece she creates is her own original creation.  Her creative style is only available at 

The Country Home Store at Legacy Lane Farm.

Agnes lives with her husband and enjoys spending her free time with her adorable grand children.